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  • Environments
    • Production
    • Sandbox
  • Synchronization
    • Automated and only for new records
    • Real-time synchronization only
  • Supported Objects:
    • Customers

Installation/Upgrade Instructions

STEP 1 - Create a QuickBooks Online App

In 2020 QuickBooks stopped supporting OAuth 1.0 and requires OAuth 2.0 integrations only. This forced a new step in the installation process where you will have to set up a QuickBooks Online app. Don't worry its a very simple process and we documented the necessary steps for you. You don't need to be a developer to complete this step.

STEP 2 - Install Magento extension

After you get the free version from the Magento Marketplace, use the following command to install the extension:

STEP 3 - Compile & clear cache

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STEP 4 - Configuration